Some frequently asked questions about Bassenthwaite Lake and area:

Where is Bassenthwaite Lake?

Bassenthwaite Lake lies in a glacially eroded valley in the northern Lake District. It sits north-west of the town of Keswick and 6 miles east of the market town of Cockermouth.

Why is Bassenthwaite the only ‘official’ lake?

It is said to be the only 'true' lake in the Lake District because all the others have the words 'mere' or 'water' in their title.

How big is Bassenthwaite Lake?

Bassenthwaite Lake is long and narrow, approximately 4 miles (6.4 km) long and 34-mile (1.2 km) wide, making a total of 5.128km² *

What does Bassenthwaite mean?

'Bassenthwaite' is "'Bastun's clearing', pers.[onal] n.[ame] plus 'þveit' 'clearing', also 'common', 'lake'. The 1st element is usually taken to be the Anglo-French nickname or surname 'Bastun', originally meaning 'stick', while the 2nd is ON 'þveit' 'clearing'. *

How deep is Bassenthwaite Lake?

Bassenthwaite Lake is extremely shallow, with a maximum depth of about 70 ft (21 m). *

What are the mountains near Bassenthwaite?

Overlooking Bassenthwaite Lake is Skiddaw (931m), the fourth highest mountain in England. On the other side are some smaller fells including Sale Fell (359m), Lothwaite (345m), and Rivings (335m).

Are there any waterfalls near Bassenthwaite?

Whitewater Dash waterfall is a total of 246ft. From A591 go up the east side of Bassenthwaite Lake and turn right to Orthwaite. Park near Peter House Farm and take the road that becomes a track.  It’s around a 5-mile easy circular walk. The postcode is CA12 4QX.

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